Let Me Introduce Myself

Hi! My name is Cortney Hibner and I hail from sunny Southern Arizona! I am 32 years old, and have two fur-babies who are literally my world. Don't worry, you will see plenty of pictures of them in my blog entries.
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I spend a lot of time at home, working as a Virtual Assistant, and I love it! I get to do what I love, and love what I do!

Who is this Blog for?

Anyone! Seriously! I will be writing about Home Improvement DIY Projects, Easy Cooking Recipes, and my personal favorite, Beauty!
All of these will be aimed for those on a budget, and just don't have the funds to make big changes. That's me!
I want to share my hours of research on DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Projects, and my experiences doing them myself. . . . .feats as well as failures.
I want to share my favorite recipes, easy to make, and usually for one or two people. I try to be healthy, so I will throw in some of the healthier options as well.
I want to share my passion for simple beauty! 10 years ago, I watched my first beauty tutorial on YouTube, and ever since then, I have been obsessed with makeup, and different ways to show your natural beauty.
I am also going to be posting some YouTube tutorials in the future...but, I am an introvert, and so this will be my challenge!

Who is it for?

I moved into my 'cookie cutter' home 4 years ago. It is a small yet perfect home for me and the dogs. The downside of the home, is it just didn't have the "Cortney's Touch".
But, I didn't want to go out and spend thousands of dollars on home improvement projects to make this home more 'me'.

Things I Can't Live Without:

  • My Two Dogs (My Babies – My World!)
  • Netflix + HBO
  • Amazon Prime 
  • ULTA + Sephora
  • Burts Bees Chapstick
  • My Crock Pot

My Blog Topics

Beauty, Simplified

Follow me as I share my favorite beauty products, review new products, and share every secret I have learned over the years...without breaking the bank! P.S. I am not a Makeup Artist, just someone who loves it!

Home Improvement Ideas

By no means am I a professional contractor or carpenter, but I have made little changes here and there in my little home, and plan to do more in the coming future. Follow my experiences!

My Favorite Recipes

I hate to cook! LOL! I would prefer pizza delivery ANY day of the week! But...I have been on a weight loss program, which has forced me to put down the pizza box and dust off my pots, pans and Crockpot.

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