Hello, Beautyful…I’m Cortney! 

My goal is to find the best deals for those on a budget and those who just cannot fathom to spend an arm and a leg to look and feel good!

I have been wanting to do a ‘hybrid’ Lifestyle + Beauty Blog including video tutorials and discoveries for YEARS!!

I am so excited to share with you my past experiences and future trials and tribulations!

When it comes to beauty, I am a simple and casual girl, and not really “fashion-forward”, but I appreciate a fresh face, healthy hair, and super soft skin. And I am going to find out what works….and what doesn’t!

Life and its experiences….I am here to share with you important things that I have experienced, including Home Improvement DIY, my favorite dishes to cook, as well as a few tidbits of living life in general! 

This blog is a nice potpourri of information!

Follow me, like, comment or….don’t do anything but read and watch! I enjoy sharing my experiences with people and look forward to sharing with you! 

I hope you enjoy!

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